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Because fur babies are family.

Welcome to Pawsitudes!

Pets are more than playful companions, they’re beloved members of the family. When they become suddenly ill or injured, we want them to get well and pain-free as fast as possible! Unfortunately, emergency vet care is expensive and the bills can quickly pile up. Pawsitudes provides social media tools and support to owners who are seeking financial help for these unexpected expenses. We are also committed to raising awareness about how costly emergency vet care can be and why it's important to be prepared.

How and Why We Help

Learn more about our mission and why we were inspired to start Pawsitudes.

Pawsitudes on Facebook

Our Facebook group is a safe place for people to share their stories and fundraising efforts with people who love animals and want to help.

Past Fundraising Videos

Here are some of the videos created by Pawsitudes, free of charge, that pet owners have used in their fundraising efforts.

Request a Free Video

If you would like Pawsitudes to create a video for you to use in a fundraiser to help with emergency vet care, here's how you can get in touch with us.

Meow there. Woof!

What would you do if your pet got sick or injured?

Most people are not financially prepared for unplanned emergency vet care expenses that can run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Griffin’s Emergency Pet Club offers pet owners an affordable, low-cost way to pay a little each month and have the peace of mind that if the unthinkable happens, your pet can get the help they deserve in their time of need. 

How you can support our work.

Shop gifts, custom pet portraits and more!

When you register and shop on our Griffin Greatness store for gifts, apparel and artful products for the home, Pawsitudes receives 70% of your purchase. This helps us pay for the tools and online software we use to make videos for pet owners in need.