About Pawsitudes

A group that cares and shares to help pets.

How and Why We Help

Pawsitudes has the goal of making Emergency trips to the vet affordable so that our companions can get the care they need, when they need it. Most importantly, we want every pet who is able, to go home with a happy ending. Sadly, that is not always the case for animals who end up at the Emergency hospital. If owners do not have the money or qualify for credit then they are faced with the decision to either put their pet down, or surrender them to a rescue and never see them again.

At Pawsitudes, we make and host videos for people with fundraisers for Emergency Vet Bills. People will pour their heart and soul into a five paragraph story that someone might not take the time to read, but they will watch a short video explaining the situation. These videos can then be posted with the fundraiser in an attempt to boost donations.

Inspiration for Pawsitudes came when I was outside of a low cost vet clinic and I overheard a woman on the phone begging someone for a loan so that she could save her pet. It broke my heart. It reminded me of a time when I had to put down my cat Bo. He was an older cat who had urinary crystals that he could not pass. I had him stay overnight at the vet because the shock of having to put him down so suddenly was too much. After a night with pain meds, a catheter and a special diet to break down the crystals the prognosis was the same. Either a surgery costing thousands of dollars, that as a college student, I did not have, or put him down.

In the end, I ended up with $1,000 dollars in debt and a dead cat. It was devastating. I want to save others from that kind of pain. While we all must let them go when their time comes to cross the rainbow bridge, it’s devastating when it can be prevented, especially when they are young.

Pawsitudes is NOT a 501-C3 organization and donations are NOT tax deductible. The reason for this is because non-profit organizations can ONLY donate money to people who are at or below the poverty line. This means that Pawsitudes wouldn’t be able to donate even $10 to a cause unless a family made no more than $26,200 a year and they would have to verify with tax documents. We believe that we can help more people directly without being a non-profit organization.