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We welcome your questions any time. If you would like to request a free video to use in your fundraising efforts for your pet, please tell us your story in the message section below.  Use the Choose Files field to upload copies of your vet bills and images of your pet. 

Proof of eligibility. In order to be eligible to solicit funds on Pawsitudes, proof of a vet bill with a recent date, or an estimate from a vets office must be submitted.*

The story. Give a detailed explanation of the situation. Tell us what your pet was like before the emergency and what they liked to do. Describe the circumstances of the emergency and the immediate action taken.

*Pawsitudes is here to support people and their pets who have been seen by a veterinarian already. If you can not afford to take your pet to the veterinarian consider signing up for Griffin’s Emergency Pet Club to get a visit with a virtual vet. ***YOU MUST BE IN THE PROGRAM FOR 14 DAYS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE $750 EMERGENCY FUND.***