Griffin's Emergency Pet Club

The stories we hear at Pawsitudes are heart-breaking.

We want to change that.

Pawsitudes was created to support pet owners who need financial assistance to pay for unexpected and often very large emergency care vet bills. We’ve seen first-hand how pet owners will do nearly anything to help the pets they love—even if it means using up their savings or going without something important or necessary for them.

The hard truth about emergency vet care is that it’s very, very expensive and most folks are simply not financially prepared if their pets experience a life or death medical situation.

That’s why we are spreading the word about Griffin’s Emergency Pet Club — an affordable subscription plan that gives pet owners the best of both worlds: unlimited access to virtual veterinary consultation for questions of any kind PLUS it provides an emergency fund that can be used once a year per membership to cover life-threatening emergency vet care expenses.

Members have unlimited virtual access to licensed vets

When your pet doesn't feel good, you can get answers on any day, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Experienced, licensed vets are standing by and ready to connect with you via video, phone or text. Pet club vets will also answer questions about care, nutrition, behavior or just about anything else you may be concerned about. Although these consultations cannot replace hands-on treatment, they can help you sort out your options when you’re unsure about what your pet may need. 

Emergency pet care funds

Emergencies happen. You can be prepared.

When you consult a pet club vet and it’s determined that you need to take your fur baby in for life-saving care, you’ll have $750 in funds* that the pet club will pay directly to the clinic or animal hospital who serves you. Because this benefit is meant to cover unforeseen, costly emergency medical conditions and is so generous, each membership is allowed to activate it only once a year.

Pet club memberships cover up to six pets in your household and you do not need to designate in advance which pet may receive emergency care funds. You are also free to take your pet to the animal facility of your choice. 

*Note: there is a 14-day waiting period before emergency funds can be activated for new members.

Inspired by one pawsitively wonderful dog

Why Pawsitudes recommends Griffin's Emergency Pet Club

First, we believe Griffin’s Emergency Pet Club provides the kind of services that pet owners need and will actually use. Second, the membership plan is affordable and within anyone’s budget. Third, we personally knew and loved Griffin, the great dog who inspired his owner to form a company in his honor to support organizations that support pets: shelters, rescue operations and groups like Pawsitudes.

Your membership supports other fur babies too

Join the club that pours art and soul into pet welfare.

In addition to the Pet Club, Griffin Greatness LLC offers artful products, custom pet portraits and programs to help shelters and rescues expand their ability to fund their missions. This company truly puts its “art and soul” into causes that serve and uplift pets in need. 

When you join Griffin’s Emergency Pet Club, you’ll not only have virtual health care benefits and more for your fur babies, your membership will support great programs and organizations devoted to pets–including Pawsitudes.